How expert financial reporting helped Detector Inspector grow quickly from micro to major-sized business

Often the most successful business ideas are founded on the simple premise of identifying a need or gap in the market and developing a service offering that fills it. Detector Inspector have done just that and grown into a multi-million dollar business within about ten years. Rapid growth can be challenging for business owners and in 2014 directors Jordan Kagan Gescheit and Jason Radolnik engaged the services of Colin Wright as their freelance CFO (“ceefo”) to help guide them through this time of great challenge and opportunity. This is their story. Tell us a little about yourselves [...]

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“Why I love having a ceefo” (as written by a serial business exit-maker now in CFO-led recovery)

MELANIE WILLIAMSON - BACKYARD PODS AUSTRALIA |In my latest small business adventure, a kind of D-day occurred when the P&L showed turnover could be forecast to exceed $1m in the current financial year. "Performance is on-track with your budgets and objectives," our bookkeeper said. "Well done," said the accountant. While most business owners would celebrate this 'Magic $1M' milestone now looming on the horizon, I felt rising anxiety. I'd reached this same milestone in businesses before and hit the ‘EXIT’ button immediately – forecasting, calculating multiples of EBIT, preparing an IM, and calling business brokers to divest just [...]

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