The CFO is key to having the financial controls, systems, policies, and resources needed to ensure compliance, profitability, and growth

Successful businesses of significant size and complexity will usually have a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) within the senior management team.

CFO – Refines and has a deep understanding of your business model, has your banking relationship, works with banks for financing, works with your board of directors, prepares detailed financial and management reporting, works with auditors, performs tax planning, sets policies around controls, sets policies around payroll, does budgeting and forecasting, deals with mergers or acquisitions, handles any compliance issues. Great if you’re growing fast, have a lot of employees, offer complex product lines…”

The CFO supports the roles of accountant and business adviser

Accountants and business advisers can only perform their roles most effectively when the information available to them from within the business is accurate and meaningful. For this reason, proactive accountants and business advisers will often assist business owners by advising when the timing is right to appoint the most suitable CFO.

Most businesses with a turnover of more than $15m have a full-time CFO. Many with a turnover between $0.5m and $15m also need a CFO but grapple with how to attract and afford a really good one. Trying to replicate the specialised contributions of a CFO with disparate bookkeeping processes and accounting services simply cannot deliver the same comprehensive result.

With ceefo, even a very small business can afford its own CFO

The whole idea with ceefo is to provide CFOs of the same calibre that a big company would expect and demand, at a price that even a small business can easily afford. You get a dedicated CFO working with you ongoingly but pay only for a prescribed portion of their time.

If you’ve managed your business this far without the benefit of a dedicated CFO working to help achieve your financial objectives and ensure business-wide compliance – imagine what you could achieve with a ceefo. Your ceefo can help you take your business to the next level or wherever it needs to go more surely, in less time, and with greater peace-of-mind – all from just $550 per month.

Does your business need a CFO? Can your business afford one?