Does your business need a CFO? Can your business afford one?


– Would you (and your accountant) benefit from more accurate and meaningful business information, analysis, and reporting?

– Could the financial systems within the business be made more streamlined and efficient?

– When making decisions, do you wish you could easily rely upon deeper analysis of some specific aspects of the business?

– Do you think business banking and finance arrangements and relationships could be improved?

– Have you ever needed more expert help with business budgeting, planning, and modelling?

– Does the business ever have difficulties or cause stressful periods over the management of cash-flow?

– Are you interested in selling the business or acquiring another business at any stage in future?

– Is there a need to raise finance or business capital, or find partners, to achieve business objectives?

– Is your business growing rapidly, undergoing transition, or trying to compete in highly price-sensitive markets?

– Has there ever been a dispute with an employee about pay rates, benefits, or conditions of employment?

– Are you concerned about managing the increasing complexity of business compliance requirements?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, and your business could afford $550 per month, get a ceefo.