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Colin Wright


Colin Wright is the founder and chief at ceefo, managing director of 3S Virtual CFO Group, a founding member of the Association of Virtual CFOs, and member of CPA Australia. Colin is an experienced accountant with 25 years’ experience in the financial management of SME businesses. He has held shareholdings and directorships in a number of businesses and has worked closely with business banking partners and investors for many years. Colin established the 3S CFO Group, and ceefo, to assist SME business owners to better manage business performance and achieve their financial goals.

Robin Snelling

Virtual CFO

Robin has held senior financial management roles for over 25 years. He was CFO for Leader Newspapers, a subsidiary of News Corporation, for much of this time, during a period of great change in the newspaper industry. For the past six years, Robin has worked with SME clients from a variety of industries, including trades and services, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services. The financial reporting introduced to his clients bring clarity on how products, services, and markets are performing and where owners should focus their efforts to get the best return.

Peter Burgess CTO ceefo

Peter Burgess

Virtual CTO

A technical and enterprise architect with 25 years’ experience developing solutions across multiple industries, Peter has worked on projects for Nokia, IBM, European Commission, and government in Victoria, Australia. Peter holds a degree in Accounting and is an expert in cloud services (eg: Xero) integration.

Melanie Williamson CMO ceefo

Melanie Williamson

Virtual CMO

A teacher, speaker, consultant, and practitioner in everything to do with strategic marketing across many different industries, Mel is the acting CMO of a leading technology company and can walk the talk as a proven giant-killer and industry disruptor on the internet with search-driven businesses. Rapid diagnosis and prescriptive marketing by Mel can connect or reconnect products and services with more interested audiences and potential buyers, driving business growth. Improve results delivered by existing departments and service providers.


Erika Galang, Accountant, ceefo

Erika Galang


Karen Rafferty, Bookkeeping

Karen Rafferty
Senior bookkeeper

Karen commenced her career as an industrial engineer with Australia Post, then successfully built a business with her husband – taking the business from start-up to around 50 employees over an eight-year period. Karen managed the financial affairs of the business while her husband was responsible for the operational aspects. Karen brings her practical business management experience and record-keeping diligence to the bookkeeping services provided to ceefo clients.


Graham Wright, Systems, ceefo

Graeme Wright
System Developer

Graeme has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, most of these years working with IBM where he was the development lead for numerous collaboration and workflow applications, holding several Lotus Notes development accreditations. In recent years, Graeme has taken on the challenge of data mining, analysis, and reporting for the SME sector.

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