Stages of Freight2020 sales from lead-generation/deal-mining success, through our sales pipeline, to final customer establishment

Pre-sales opportunity

The lead or target has developed into a prospect and is now ready for a demo of Freight2020. An opportunity is created in our system.

Demo discovery

Peter sends our list of questions to the prospect. Grant prepares the demo to suit business model and needs.


Grant delivers the demo. Peter takes notes and shares with Grant for reference if/when proposal requested.

RFP stage – intro to ceefo

The prospect requests a proposal. Implementation needs to be estimated in the proposal and so we introduce the ERP Readiness Check. This check is done by an independent expert (Neville) as the industry specialist ceefo CFO, under ceefo professional indemnity.


ERP Readiness Check

For a modest fixed fee (via ceefo), comprehensive discovery is done (by Neville) to evaluate the existing business structure, processes, and systems. Any preliminary internal readiness work that needs to be done can be quoted to the customer and done to achieve ‘readiness’. The customer is now ready to purchase their new Freight2020 system (or whatever modules they’ve selected) and internally they’re prepared for the implementation process.



Grant prepares the e-proposal from Pete’s demo notes and any subsequent discussions, and feedback from the customer’s ceefo. Now, implementation can be accurately quantified, quoted, and time-framed. This will improve the implementation experience for new customers and CMS.

New signing

The prospect selects their desired modules and number of users within the e-proposal which then auto-calculates costings. The prospect e-signs the locked proposal to become a new customer. The new customer automatically receives a co-signed copy of the proposal, which now becomes the sales order.


The new customer receives a welcoming auto-email. Our system alerts CMS accounts and the implementation team with a copy of the signed sales order containing details of the new system modules, number of users, and (now) the accurate estimate of implementation time required.


CMS assigns the implementation consultant to the project. CMS representative (eg Lee-Ann Willmott) contacts the customer for assurance and invitation to reach out with any concerns.


The CMS implementation consultant completes the project efficiently for the well-prepared customer. The delays in tech dept customisation of forms is to be addressed separately.

Potential embedded CFO

Once the ceefo (Neville) has impressed the customer and established a relationship, the business may choose to keep the part-time CFO role embedded for ongoing support and continuous improvement of internal financial processes, reporting, etc.