Good business decisions are supported by accurate financial reports!

No doubt you rely on your financial reports for many of your key business decisions. Of course, there will be a range of metrics that you rely on to understand how the business is performing, but it is the financial reports that are your final arbiter of your business’s performance. Some of the critical performance areas you will want to know in detail are: Revenues: Are you achieving your sales targets? Which business segments are performing to expectation and which are not? Gross profit: Are you achieving targeted gross profit margins? What gross margins are being achieved [...]

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The 3 BIGGEST REASONS why your monthly reports are MISLEADING you!

Ceefo has worked with numerous small and medium sized businesses over many years. Without exception the first few months tend to always the same. When we review their financial reports at the end of each month, it’s very common to find that their financial results are inconsistent. So we ask a range of questions about how their business is handling a number of basic accounting requirements. In most cases, we find that the inconsistent results are an outcome caused by incorrect accounting treatments. How big an issue is this? It is a huge issue. All too often [...]

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