“Why I love having a ceefo” (as written by a serial business exit-maker now in CFO-led recovery)

MELANIE WILLIAMSON - BACKYARD PODS AUSTRALIA |In my latest small business adventure, a kind of D-day occurred when the P&L showed turnover could be forecast to exceed $1m in the current financial year. "Performance is on-track with your budgets and objectives," our bookkeeper said. "Well done," said the accountant. While most business owners would celebrate this 'Magic $1M' milestone now looming on the horizon, I felt rising anxiety. I'd reached this same milestone in businesses before and hit the ‘EXIT’ button immediately – forecasting, calculating multiples of EBIT, preparing an IM, and calling business brokers to divest just [...]

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The 8 BIGGEST MISTAKES made by small business owners – are YOU making any RIGHT NOW?

When a small business is growing, visibility is key to managing profitability and ensuring that growth is sustainable. Too many small business owners start losing track of the true picture of performance once the size and complexity of the business increases - typically by the time turnover has reached $1M+. Is your business making any of these 8 BIGGEST MISTAKES RIGHT NOW? If your profits vary significantly from one month to the next and you are not clear why, you have little clarity on how you are actually performing If your accounts are not structured [...]

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